Analytics Accelerator

Analytics Accelerator

Analytics Accelerator

Your data strategy has been established, and your analytics platform has been implemented. Now what?

Most credit unions start to focus on using data for the following use cases:

  • Attract new members
  • Improve member onboarding, engagement, and retention
  • Loan and share growth
  • Risk analytics
  • Process improvement and optimizations

Too often, we see innovation stifled by incremental learning. Let us accelerate your efforts two-to-three years as we've already built the data structures and initial models, applied advanced analytics to model parameters, and perfected actionable equations on targeted member segments.

Enter Coastline Analytics' Analytics Accelerator.

The Analytics Accelerator takes your credit union's analytics maturity to the next level. With an analytics platform in place, you are likely able to answer questions like "What happened yesterday?" or "What's happening now?". The Analytics Accelerator helps your organization get to the point where you can start asking "What will happen?" and "Why will X, Y, or Z happen?".

Taking a deep dive into each line-of-business, we walk through viable analytics applications for each area and assist in the deployment and utilization of each application leveraging machine learning and other advanced analytics principles. We remain constantly engaged with your organization to ensure that each analytics use case is deployed properly. From constant measurement of critical success metrics to tweaking models as necessary, we take pride in ensuring each use case's success.

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