• Member Engagement Analytics

    Which members are highly engaged? Are they engaged through digital channels or traditional channels? Where are your areas of opportunity within these segments?

    These questions and more are all answered through Coastline Analytics’ Member Engagement Module.

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  • Member Attrition Predictive Modeling

    Our solution uncovers trends in member behavior to predict which members are most likely to close accounts and leave your credit union. Using advanced predictive techniques like machine learning, Coastline Analytics’ Member Attrition solution helps your organization re-engage and retain members before they walk out the door.

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Advanced Analytics Applications for the Financial Institutions of Tomorrow

Having success with data analytics doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many financial institutions dealing with similar challenges using the same technology solutions, there has to be an easier way to develop analytics applications. Enter Coastline Analytics.

Coastline Analytics, founded by Brewster Knowlton and Steven Simpson, is devoted to developing simple data analytics applications designed to provide immediate business value to credit unions and community financial institutions.

Leveraging industry-leading visualization solutions and partnering with innovative data providers, Coastline Analytics will provide your financial institution with the tools needed to excel with advanced analytics.